Can’t Thread a Moving Needle

Breast Entanglements

Directed by Maren Lovgren

Can't Thread a Moving Needle is a play about sexual assault. Ten students and I interviewed men and women, old and young from a variety cultures and states, who were, perpetrators, victims, survivors and/or their friends and family, as well as professionals: attorneys, psychologists, counselors, and college administrators. The play is based on their stories. The stories range from intense and angering to endearing, funny and inspiring. The play helps to clarify questions about consent and what role alcohol plays in sexual assault as well as miscommunication between two people versus a premeditated predatory act whether by an acquaintance or a stranger. The play offers safety tips and encourages men and women to take action to help prevent sexual assault. We hope this play will help people to have a better understanding of sexual assault and begin the healing.



A: Maggie, Christy, Melissa, Penny, Mary, June, Allie
B: Stephie, Jane, Grace, Sadie, Zelda, Bella, Carrie
C: Brooke, Jenny, Harriet, Kelly, Carol, Rachel
D: Ramona, Lynn, Hannah, Zoey, Denise, Claire
E: Narrator, Sue, Kim, Morgan, Julie, Ellie


1: George, Jake, Sean, Joe, Aidan, Bryan, Howie, Ethan, Dan, Eric,
2: Joel, Ron, Eddie, Jim, Ben, Elliot, Jackson, Evan, Steve, Elliot
3: Donny, Cole, Rennie, Moises, Phil, Matt, Luke
4: Rob, Jim, Ray, Jeremy, Dave, Drew, Greg, Keith

Note: Director may cast the play with as many or as few as he/she likes. This breakdown shows one way in which the play may be cast with four men and five women.

Photography by Renee Billingslea
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Family Family Family
Family Family Family

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