About my Work

I believe that theatre communicates values to a society in the form of story telling. It isn't always the story, but the underlying structure that creates cultural myths. As an artist, my mission is to demystify myth, shape progressive ideals, and entertain with a compelling story.

Nothing is more rewarding than watching an audience respond to my words. When they laugh at a joke in Act I, which leads them to tears in Act II, I feel as though they are sharing my journey to realization.


Double-click the programs below to learn more, or click on a title to go to the page for the production. Harassment Dance :: Can't Thread a Moving Needle :: Breast Entanglements :: Carl Upchurch :: Family :: Ridinghood Incident :: My Three Pigs

Poster designs by David Phillips-Can't Thread a Moving Needle, Breast Entanglements, Harassment Dance, Carl Upchurch